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Valley Vision Optical


Our Optical provides high-quality frames and lenses for lifestyle, occupational, and recreational needs. Frames for all ages, infants to adults, are available. Our goal is to provide comfortable and fashionable eyewear that brings a smile to your face every time you wear it!

Our staff of seven experienced opticians will provide expert guidance as you choose from the many everyday and specialty products available for all your fashion, work, hobby, and sports needs. We search the world for the finest optical frames and lenses, sunglasses, and contact lenses available and have hundreds in stock.


Our in-house optical lab utilizes the latest in computerized fabricating equipment to assure your new lenses are finished to the highest level of perfection.


Single Vision

Single vision lenses have only one viewing area throughout the lens. They can be made for reading, distance, intermediate or function as occupational glasses.

Multifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses have two distinct viewing areas within the same lens. Trifocal lenses are an extension of the bi-focals. They provide another segment on the lens above the reading viewing area to correct the intermediate viewing area between far and near.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive addition lenses correct vision for all distances without the visible lines seen in bifocal or trifocal lenses. They have a graduated section in which the power of the lens progresses smoothly from one prescription to the other.

Lens Materials

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right lens material. Our staff will review your prescription and frame selection in order to provide you with the appropriate recommendation that best suits your needs.

Aspheric - Aspheric lenses are flatter and lighter than plastic lenses, ideal for both far-sighted and near-sighted patients. They minimize magnification of eyes, eliminating the “big eye” or “small eye” look. Aspheric lenses reduce peripheral distortions, which gives the lens more edge to edge clarity.

CR39 - CR39 refers to the material that is used to make the majority of prescription lenses. It is an optical grade plastic polymer recognized for its light weight, chemical resistance properties and 'tint-ability'.

Polycarbonate - Polycarbonate lenses are ten times more impact resistant than other plastics making them highly suitable for children and active patients. They offer UV protection and stop 99.9% of rays from the sun, fluorescent lights and computer screens. Polycarbonate lenses are thinner than standard lens and therefore more comfortable to wear.

Trivex (Phoenix) - Trivex has the impact resistance and inherent UV protection of polycarbonate. However, Trivex is more impact and chip resistant making them perfect for drill mount frame designs.

Hi Index - Hi Index lenses are ultra-thin and lightweight. The use of this material is primarily determined by the strength of the eyeglass correction. Hi Index is perfect for patients with mid to high prescriptions looking for the best cosmetically appealing lens available.

Lens Treatments - There are several lens treatments available to compliment your new eyewear and provide you with the best vision possible.

Anti-Reflective - AR coatings eliminate internal and external surface reflections and increase the amount of light reaching the eye. Glare-fighting treatments offer comfort, improved contrast and enhanced visual acuity. We pride ourselves on offering only the latest technology available.


Valley Vision Optical

We also provide:

    • Same day delivery on in-stock frames and lenses
    • Free eyewear adjustments and cleaning
    • Comprehensive frame repair services
    • Refurbishing of vintage eyewear